Benson-Keyes Arts Opening Night: Sculpture and Photography Show

I was  glad to be included in the new Sculpture and Photography show at Benson-Keyes Arts in Southampton , New York -Saturday was the opening night. The show is open through Sunday, August 17th Gallery open from 12 to 6 on Saturday & Sunday and by appointment. Hope you can come by.

Terri Gold at Benson-Keyes opening

Terri and Laurie

Sunday August 2nd a wonderful performance by Maria Pessino/Odd Fellows Playhouse, ” The 4 Rs: Reflexions on RestRiction, RestRaint, Release”

at the gallery.

4Rs Performance 1

4Rs performance 4

4Rs Performance 2


kim_owain_robert wilsonOne of the owners Kimberly Goff (Julie Keyes, the co owner) Owain Hughes and Robert Wilson releasing butterflies.

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