Still Points in a Turning World: In Rajasthan and Gujarat

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I am back from India a few weeks now and after a side trip to California to celebrate with old friends, I am now in the process of creating a new body of work from the images. India is amazingly colorful with rich traditions and rituals. Taking the picture is always just the beginning of the process for me. I am now working in the digital darkroom, the same way I used to work in the traditional darkroom, to tone and create my Infrared images and shape the stories I want to tell.

4 thoughts on “Still Points in a Turning World: In Rajasthan and Gujarat

  1. Stunning, moving, powerful
    I am sending the link to several friends with Indian connections
    Congratulations on an impressive body of work
    take care,

  2. I love to share any and everything from india because my father always wanted to take me to see this great country but we could never find the money. Thanks for always sharing ,you are truly my sisters. Love always

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