Nomad Camps and Tribal Villages

Rabiri Women

When I travel I am always looking at our differences and our common threads- what do we place value on – what matters.

Home and hearth, for all of us, that is part of our center. We walk into a nomad’s camp in Poshina and communicate our good wishes and are warmly received. They are pleased to see their images on the backs of our cameras but it doesn’t seem like enough.

I wish I could carry a small printer and make some prints to give as gifts. Everyone needs their family history in pictures and the tents that have family photos display them proudly. Sometimes our local guides had images to give from photographers who had previously visited and sent them back.

Rajasthani Girl In the window

Rajasthani Girl In the window

Water- clean water, enough water -hot water- boiled water- its all a problem here. A daily struggle for the women and children who carry the jars  home on their heads.

At the Well for  Water

At the Well

Wadha Village in Bhuj

Visual images arre a universal language.

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