Terri Gold : Artist Reception : Keyes Art

My ongoing body of work, “Still Points in a Turning World”, explores our universal cross-cultural truths: the importance of family, community, ritual and the amazing diversity of its expression.

My earliest memories are of spinning a globe, always drawn to the last mysterious corners of the world. Photographing the people, festivals and sacred sites in the tribal areas of Asia, my passion is to visually capture the rituals that define our lives and to create images that explore our human connections as they are formed. I am interested in the different ways in which people find meaning in their lives, how an individual explores his or her existence through their traditions. I love the still quality of a photograph that captures a fleeting moment in time. I’m interested in making that moment as beautiful and mysterious as possible. We are still and still moving.

This series is from my travels to Southern Rajasthan & Gujarat and the Southwestern region of China called Kham. The imagery explores the tribal cultures of the Rabaris, Bhils and in China, the world of the Tibetan Khampas. In these villages the traditions of different millennia co-exist side by side.

Terri Gold at Keyes Art

Keyes Art Reception

Julie Keyes and Nathan Joseph

Keyes Art

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