South Of The Clouds – In Guizhou and Guangxi

A Toast In Guizhou

South Of The Clouds – as Southwest China is known – is pastoral, stunningly beautiful, richly steeped in minority culture – I am returning to the provinces of Guangxi and Guizhou in April, which I last visited In 1997.
I will be traveling from village to village, with my sister and a few others. Along the way  engaging with local families and exploring their individual customs, history and lifestyles and how they are changing with the incursion of the modern world. The rich tapestry of minority life is truly Guizhou’s majesty. In 1997 I visited villages that had never received western guests. I wonder how different it will be…
As we gradually make our way to Guangxi, we watch the surrounding landscape evolve. One destination is Guilin, where stunning scenes of  limestone hills across a horizon of lakes and rice fields, have been the source of inspiration for Chinese painters for centuries.

Getting ready now- in expedition mode-assembling all my gear-reading and studying about the culture and getting focused mentally on what I might want to create knowing it will evolve once I get there.

7 thoughts on “South Of The Clouds – In Guizhou and Guangxi

  1. This is totally fascinating. Love the pix. wonder what these people would think of South beach??! Hope to see you will return beginning of May. xo Pat

  2. One of my favorite images from one of the trips I wish I had been with you on. I know this will be a great one! I’ll be thinking of you and waiting to see the images you bring back. Mary

  3. Certainly looks like you are going back for more magic. All my best to you for success and adventure. Just returned from a month in Brazil. Let’s compare tall tales when you return. Sending you love,


  4. Its been a few years since we have been on the road together and I am looking forward to the mysteries and to seeing the world with you — your unique vision always adds to the pleasure!

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