All Journeys have a Rhythm

100 Bird Miao

China is a wild and complex mixture- in time and placeancient and modern all at once.

There is building and construction everywhere
 from the small tribal villages to the provincial cities and towns we are passing
 There is a hum of activity
 new roads are being built-towering bridges and dams – and homes
 in the villages they are wooden
 all built without nails
 in the cities they are concrete and without much charm.

 Today’s drive was on a bone jarring mud and rock road for hours…

Stopped at two amazing villages
 100 Bird Miao and Shui
 they danced for us and offered food and drink
 then we explored the village.

Now we have arrived at our hotel
 and there is an Internet connection…

 The images are challenging
 trying to connect –

To see with feeling
 it’s all fascinating and good
 though not always easy…

I planned to post images
while traveling on Facebook.

I completely forgot
China does not allow Facebook or tube
so I will begin now…
Epiphanies sometimes flash and flare for the traveler – flickering moments of discovery, seen out of the corner of your eye.

This journey reminded me of our sacred rhythms and rituals – what and how we celebrate together  – Its for moments like this I left home.

100 Bird Miao

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