Planet : Into the Mists of Time in Guizhou

Building a body of work that tells a story is a  long process. Why do we take photographs  or make art ? For me, it usually begins with a journey to a far off land then I  return home  and create the work and  then  find a place to show the work and then produce the show and then complete the circle- showing the work out in the world. I find there is real satisfaction in a story deeply told.

Here are the first images from  the show Planet.

Part 1   –  Hanging the show .

The  pop up gallery weekend event that I shared with Steve Miller – it was curated by Julie Keyes – held  at 4 North Main Gallery in Southampton. .

It was truly  a pleasure to collaborate with Steve Miller and share the artistic endeavor with Julie Keyes.

Steve Miller

Terri Gold

One thought on “Planet : Into the Mists of Time in Guizhou

  1. Hi Terri: I love this photo of you with your images waiting to be hung on the walls. Great picture. I’m sorry to have missed your opening; I promise to make the next one. It would be an honor to spend time together and have a closer look at your body of work. Peace & love, Will

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