Opening Night at Keyes Art:Terri Gold

“There is a great moment, when you see, however distant, the goal of your wandering.
The thing, which has been living in your imagination suddenly, becomes a part of the tangible world.”
Freya Stark

Usually  this wonderful quote reminds me of my travels but it also  applies to the feeling of finally showing the  work.

Completing the circle.

It’s a long way from New York to China and back. It all  begins with the planning and research, then the journey itself and then the long process of editing and creating a body of work. I remember the moment when each image was taken.

It is wonderful to see it in the Gallery at last.

I want to especially thank Julie Keyes and her staff  and everyone who came and shared the evening !

First the set up…

Then its opening night

Then the Dinner Party

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