Spotlight Interview … Documentary and Fine Art Photographer Terri Gold (2014)

I was happy to reconnect with James Robinson and be on his blog !

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In her first interview Terri Gold introduced herself to us. It’s always nice to hear from old friends and that happened the other day when Documentary and Fine Art photographer Terri Goldcontacted me with news of her most recent projects. To read her interview please follow this link:

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Terri Gold: Spotlight Interview on James Robinson Photography Blog

I have an article up on  James Robinson Photography Blog, thanks to James Robinson for his kind invitation to contribute. Find the link to the  interview: Click Here

Terri Gold in India “I am always looking at the Still Points… inspired by a line of poetry by T.S.Elliot. We are still and still moving… I see my work as still points in a turning world.

My work is interpretive in nature. I am looking for the grace notes, for the sense of wonder in our world and in our connections to each other. I feel compelled to make these images. I believe images that share our stories can have a positive impact on our world. We need to experience our common humanity. We all celebrate the same joys, we all bleed the same too…”