On the Trail of a Master Photographer

” THE photographer Julius Shulman captured Los Angeles and its surroundings in the middle of the 20th century as the city was shedding its small-town roots and becoming an international capital. Unlike the monuments of other cities, those of Los Angeles require you to work for them. Many are not even open to the public. Some that are, are off the beaten path. As a result, when you arrive at some of the city’s greatest architectural masterpieces — many of them that Shulman himself made famous —  you’re often all alone, or touring with a few other people, communing with the building and reliving a photograph.”

I have always loved Julius Shulman’s wonderful body of work . My next trip to Los Angeles I am definitely going to visit  and relive the images…He often shot using infrared film, playing with the invisible light spectrum which is my favorite way to capture and work with light  in my images also.