Kenyan Stories

Everything from the humble woodlouse to specks of dust moving through a ray of sunlight. Each tells a story. ~ Fennel Hudson

With my camera, I try to bring the diversity of distant lands into our modern world, and share the stories I discover in my travels ; to create imagery that reminds us and generations to come how beautiful and diverse the world is. Our challenge now will be to keep the poetry of diversity alive…kenya_red_ambo-256 new sky Kenya_2015_red_-1903 Kenya_2015_red_-1907 Kenya_2015_red_-2120 Kenya_2015_red_-2172 kenya_red_ambo-234 kenya_red_ambo-236

In Kenya, the Maasai and Samburu warriors rite of passage used to be pretty standard: Spend three months in the forest, learn how to herd cows, kill a predator.

“Some years back, for you to become a chief, you had to kill a lion. But conservationists came in and stopped the killing,” explains Mtaine David Swakei, a Maasai leader.

Now dance is part of what defines the ancient tribes of modern Kenya, the “adumu”, or “jumping dance”.

It’s been captured in endless pictures and documentaries; and is a recognizable ritual of Maasai and Samburu life. On this day the young men performed a version of it for us. The adumu is just one in a series of rituals that make up the Eunoto, the ceremony in which the junior warriors, or morani, graduate to the ranks of manhood.