Buglisi Dance Theatre – Caravaggio Meets Hopper

The next dance performed was “Caravaggio Meets Hopper” which  juxtaposes the painters; Italian  Caravaggio and American Edward Hopper and  is set to a ”musical  soundscape,” as the  program notes, that includes scores by Nino Rota, Jelly Roll Morton and John Corigliano.

As always , Jacqulyn Buglisi and the company, “explore human relationships that reveal the bold visceral strength, humor and exquisite vulnerabilities of the individual. This physical voice speaks of human greatness and possesses the potential to bring all cultures together, addressing current issues that face humanity  today by illuminating the global crisis in the environment, war, peace and the growing concern for the innocent.”
Caravaggio Meets Hopper_1

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_92Caravaggio Meets Hopper_93

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_252Caravaggio Meets Hopper_253

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_97

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_136

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_112

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_121Caravaggio Meets Hopper_125

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_138

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_64

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_181

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_245

Caravaggio Meets Hopper_267

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