Terri Gold Photographs 25th Anniversary Season of the Buglisi Dance Theatre

Terri Gold Photographs 25th Anniversary Season of the Buglisi Dance Theatre

I had a wonderful time attending and photographing the fabulous performances and gala for Buglisi Dance Theatre‘s 25th Anniversary Season.  I have been photographing the Buglisi dancers for many years and am always amazed at their talent and grace.


Bare to the Wall Suite performed by So Young An, Ari Mayzick, Blakeley White-McGuire, Abdiel Jacobsen, Anne O’Donnell, and Lloyd Knight


Requiem performed by Marie Zvosec, Jessica Higgins, Jessica Sgambelluri, Laura Careless, and Ashley Merker

Moss #5 Variation and Dialogues on What Makes Us Human performed by Blakeley White-McGuire, Jessica Higgins, Jessica Sgambelluri, Stephanie Van Dooren-Eshkenazi, Lara Careless, and Ashley Merker

Visit my website to see more images from the 25th Anniversary Season, as well as more images from Buglisi Dance Theatre performances over the years.


The Table Of Silence Project 9/11

The Table Of Silence Project 9/11 returned  for a third year to Lincoln Center today. Conceived by choreographer Jaculyn Buglisi and visual artist Rossella Vasta with flautist Andrea Ceccomori and over 100 dancers, including the Buglisi Dance Theatre. The performance started at 8:15 and concluded at precisely 8:46,  the moment American Airlines flight 11 crashed into the north tower.

“The Table of Silence Project represents the common threads of humanity which unite all mankind into a single force with common goals and aspirations regardless of race, culture, or religion. Through this event, we wish to achieve the dual purpose of celebrating and honoring peace, through listening, a united moment of silence – a call for Peace in our world.” – Jacqulyn Buglisi

“There comes a moment, through repetition–like the beating of the hands, the pounding of the fist against the heart–that compels you to create a rhythmic tone that expresses perhaps some great hymn, some offering or worship that allows people to be unified in unexplained compassion.  They do not need words in this ritual.”

In partnership with Dance/NYC and September Concert, Buglisi Dance Theatre brings together the dancers to gather in silent procession, forming patterns of concentric circles to create a peace labyrinth while encircling the Revson Fountain as a symbol of eternity, compassion and continuity of the life cycle. At 8:46 AM, the dancers turned their wrists with open palms  and extended their arms to the sky for one minute, evoking the simple gesture of universal peace.

The Table Of Silence Project 9/11

The Table Of Silence Project 9/11

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caravaggio meets hopper8


The Image is from The Buglisi Dance Theatre’s 20th anniversary performance at the Joyce Theater from the piece Caravaggio Meets Hopper.

The dancers : Charles Askegard, Artist Ari, Jason Ricardo Jordan.


Threshold – Buglisi Dance Theatre


Buglisi Dance Theatre 20th Anniversary Season at the Joyce Theater

performed by

Virginie Victoire Mecene and Kevin Predmore

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The more I look at the dancers and the dance

the emotions and grace evoked – the stories told

I see more each time

the sinuous connections

existing in the liminal space

where the dancers are momentarily suspended in the space between two worlds…

Buglisi Dance Theatre 20th Anniversary Season at The Joyce Theater

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     I was thrilled to photograph the 20th anniversary season of The Buglisi Dance Theatre last week. The 2 programs included four premieres: This Is Forever, Snow Falling on Water, Butterflies and Demons, and Zjawa (by Katarzyna Skarpetwoska, who was a student of Buglisi’s at Juilliard). Guest artists are Martine van Hamel and Charles Askegard.

I have been photographing the company for years – so celebrating and making images from  this wonderful anniversary season, the culmination of so much work by the whole company  was pure joy.  

Buglisi Dance Theatre celebrates 20 Years of Artistry

Buglisi Dance Theatre Requiem


Artistic Director Jacqulyn Buglisi,the Board of Directors and the Benefit Committee celebrated 20 Years of artistry and inspired service to the community on Wednesday evening at an event at the   beautiful Columbus Citizens Foundation Townhouse.

As flag bearers of arts and culture, Buglisi Dance Theatre bridges boundaries through collaborations that transcend all barriers.

Honoring – Matilda Raffa Cuomo

First Mother, First Lady of New York (1983-95 ) Founder of Mentoring USA In the presence of ~Consul General of New York, Mrs. Natalia Quintavalle.

The company performed excerpts from  3 pieces Requiem, Prelude  and This is Forever.

This is all building up  to the 20th Anniversary season at the Joyce theater in February.

I am always honored to photograph for the company and can’t wait till February…