Terri Gold photographs performances by the Martha Graham Dance Theatre

I was so happy to see and photograph the dress rehearsal of the spring season of The Martha Graham Dance Company.

“Throughout her career, Graham was fascinated by visionaries and prophets. In ”Spectre-1914,” Xin Ying is a prophet beholding appalling visions of war as she rises tall and awesome in a black robe. She then manipulated the robe to show its reverse side, making her seem encased in a blood-red shroud.” -Jack Anderson

In my infrared interpretation the robe is white and blue…

Performed by Xin Ying.


“In “Embattled Garden,” from 1958, Graham—a lover of myth—tackled the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. (The garden is represented by a field of reeds, designed by Isamu Noguchi). ” -from a New Yorker Review

Performed by So Young An, Lloyd Mayor, Natasha Diamond-Walker, Abdiel Jacobsen.

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Terri Gold Photographs 25th Anniversary Season of the Buglisi Dance Theatre

Terri Gold Photographs 25th Anniversary Season of the Buglisi Dance Theatre

I had a wonderful time attending and photographing the fabulous performances and gala for Buglisi Dance Theatre‘s 25th Anniversary Season.  I have been photographing the Buglisi dancers for many years and am always amazed at their talent and grace.


Bare to the Wall Suite performed by So Young An, Ari Mayzick, Blakeley White-McGuire, Abdiel Jacobsen, Anne O’Donnell, and Lloyd Knight


Requiem performed by Marie Zvosec, Jessica Higgins, Jessica Sgambelluri, Laura Careless, and Ashley Merker

Moss #5 Variation and Dialogues on What Makes Us Human performed by Blakeley White-McGuire, Jessica Higgins, Jessica Sgambelluri, Stephanie Van Dooren-Eshkenazi, Lara Careless, and Ashley Merker

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Buglisi Dance Theatre: Letters of Love on Ripped Paper

On Wednesday, June 16th, I photographed a wonderful preview performance by the Buglisi Dance Theatre, “Letters of Love on Ripped Paper”. It is a work in progress that will premiere in 2011 and was hosted by Ralph Pucci at his beautiful penthouse. The work is based on love letters through the ages; one is from Napoleon to Josephine:


Your image…the intoxicating pleasure…allow my senses no rest

My soul is broken with grief when I drink from your lips…your heart a scorching flame.

Till then, a thousand kisses, mio dolce amore, set my blood on fire…

Buglisi Dance Theatre : Open Rehearsal

I am always thrilled to photograph The Buglisi Dance Theatre and especially enjoy the rehearsals where I can experience moments of the creative and interactive process between the company and choreographer, Jacqulyn Buglisi.In reading the program, in anticipation of writing this post, I understood why I feel such an affinity here. Jacqulyn and the company’s work and the words used to describe what she would like the audience to experience could easily be mine. She speaks with an amazing physical voice and I speak with a visual voice but we speak about the same issues; the celebration of the human spirit and its potential to bring all cultures closer together.

Images from “Caravaggio Meets Hopper ”

buglisi dance theatre1

buglisi dance theatre 2

buglisi dance theatre 4

buglisi dance theatre 8_09

buglisi dance theatre 8_09buglisi dance theatre8_09-1

buglisi infrared red

buglisi red2

Images on the left   “Caravaggio Meets Hoppper and on the right  “Interplay”

buglisi duo

”  Interplay “


Interplay 2

Terri Gold:The Buglisi Dance Theatre

Working with the Buglisi Dance Theatre is an honor.I have had the opportunity to photograph some of the works behind the scenes and  the final dress rehearsals.Watching the creative process , seeing  the dancers inhabit the choreographers vision is incredibly exciting. The language of dance is universal and as Jacqulyn so beautifully says it ignites the imagination.I look forward to collaborating with them more in the future.

“We believe that dance transcends all boundaries, touching with wonder and inspiration the heart of the heart of man. Its images allow us to recognize within ourselves- each other, our ancestors, and the natural world. From this awareness rises meaning, compassion and ways of knowing the indomitable spirit of man.” As flag-bearers of American culture we are harbingers of a creative vision; we embrace the traditional as we explore new idioms and collaborate with innovative artists from all over the world. Through a language that is timeless and universal, we build our audiences’ awareness of the family of man, igniting imaginations and drawing new generations of artists to the fire of dramatic theatrical dance, and strive to nurture in the global community a personal commitment to dance as a life long process of embracing the terrible beauty of humanity

-Jacqulyn Buglisi & Donlin Foreman

Buglisi Dance Theatre


Buglisi Dance Theatre 001

Buglisi Dance Theatre 005

Buglisi Dance Theatre 008

Buglisi Dance Theatre019

Buglisi Dance Theatre 020

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