Terri Gold:The Buglisi Dance Theatre

Working with the Buglisi Dance Theatre is an honor.I have had the opportunity to photograph some of the works behind the scenes and  the final dress rehearsals.Watching the creative process , seeing  the dancers inhabit the choreographers vision is incredibly exciting. The language of dance is universal and as Jacqulyn so beautifully says it ignites the imagination.I look forward to collaborating with them more in the future.

“We believe that dance transcends all boundaries, touching with wonder and inspiration the heart of the heart of man. Its images allow us to recognize within ourselves- each other, our ancestors, and the natural world. From this awareness rises meaning, compassion and ways of knowing the indomitable spirit of man.” As flag-bearers of American culture we are harbingers of a creative vision; we embrace the traditional as we explore new idioms and collaborate with innovative artists from all over the world. Through a language that is timeless and universal, we build our audiences’ awareness of the family of man, igniting imaginations and drawing new generations of artists to the fire of dramatic theatrical dance, and strive to nurture in the global community a personal commitment to dance as a life long process of embracing the terrible beauty of humanity

-Jacqulyn Buglisi & Donlin Foreman

Buglisi Dance Theatre


Buglisi Dance Theatre 001

Buglisi Dance Theatre 005

Buglisi Dance Theatre 008

Buglisi Dance Theatre019

Buglisi Dance Theatre 020

To view more images click on  Buglisi Dance Theatre Slideshow

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