Buglisi Dance Theatre : Open Rehearsal

I am always thrilled to photograph The Buglisi Dance Theatre and especially enjoy the rehearsals where I can experience moments of the creative and interactive process between the company and choreographer, Jacqulyn Buglisi.In reading the program, in anticipation of writing this post, I understood why I feel such an affinity here. Jacqulyn and the company’s work and the words used to describe what she would like the audience to experience could easily be mine. She speaks with an amazing physical voice and I speak with a visual voice but we speak about the same issues; the celebration of the human spirit and its potential to bring all cultures closer together.

Images from “Caravaggio Meets Hopper ”

buglisi dance theatre1

buglisi dance theatre 2

buglisi dance theatre 4

buglisi dance theatre 8_09

buglisi dance theatre 8_09buglisi dance theatre8_09-1

buglisi infrared red

buglisi red2

Images on the left   “Caravaggio Meets Hoppper and on the right  “Interplay”

buglisi duo

”  Interplay “


Interplay 2

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