Buglisi Dance Theatre performs Suspended Women

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The other night I was thrilled to photograph at the National Dance Institute . The Buglisi Dance Theatre performed excerpts from my favorite piece,  Suspended Women. I began photographing backstage, while the dancers were dressing and  then during a short rehearsal. I love watching the creative process, seeing  the dancers inhabit the choreographer’s vision. The language of dance is universal and as Jacqulyn so beautifully says it ignites the imagination.

Suspended Women speaks  to the duality of a woman’s identity; tender femininity paired with a vivacious strength. The colorful pastel dresses are in silk, chiffon, feathers and sequins. Some flow freely while others wobble with a hoop skirt to the sounds of Maurice Ravel’s Gloria. The eclectic dresses added a romantic timelessness to the piece.

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