Practice Meandering towards the Center of every Place

Monastery in Kham
I am on my way  to photograph the Shaman Festivals of Tongren in the Tibetan province of Kham. The shaman’s religion is a pagan religion of nature where the human being is seen as a part of nature and not as something existing in opposition to it. The purpose that is taught here is to live in harmony with the natural environment on a very personal and intimate level. 
These last days before I leave  are always the hardest – a mix between organizing my art, business and life at home, trying to make my bags lighter and focusing on my goals for the trip – how to go deeper – to see with feeling. I have been rereading”The Art of Pilgrimage”, a book I always look at before I leave .

I came across these thoughts and  I am printing them  to read each morning as a good way to begin the day…

 Excellent Practices Of Pilgrimages

Practice the arts of attention and listening.

Practice renewing yourself everyday.

Practice meandering towards the center of every place.



2 thoughts on “Practice Meandering towards the Center of every Place

  1. Dear Terri, I am envious. Having formed the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in the 1980’s and then having lived with shamanic societies around the world, I wish that I were accompanying you to this region which I have never visited. Be open to everything and have an amazing journey – on every level!! – Mark

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