Wyoming Roaming

Having a grand time
in snow up to my knees
shooting at the  ranch in Wyoming
horses and cowboys flying through the landscape

Wearing 3 hats – 2 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of  socks
 hand warmers

long underwear and ski pants

many layers of fleece

knee high Arctic muck out boots
and more…

my cameras wound around my neck
We start early in the morning
its cold and windy – dark and  beautiful…

then the sun comes up and hits the painted  mountain ridges
and the horses come flying through the snow drifts
and everything is glowing

and you don’t feel anything but joy !!

3 thoughts on “Wyoming Roaming

  1. Too true – Peter and I agreed today that The Hideout is far too quiet with all of you gone. we were so happy to host you all and hope to see you again soon! I am thoroughly enjoying all of your posted/emailed photos – like I said, you see things in such a magical way. Through your pictures I am seeing my Wyoming home with entirely new eyes- thank you!

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