Wyoming Roaming

Having a grand time
in snow up to my knees
shooting at the  ranch in Wyoming
horses and cowboys flying through the landscape

Wearing 3 hats – 2 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of  socks
 hand warmers

long underwear and ski pants

many layers of fleece

knee high Arctic muck out boots
and more…

my cameras wound around my neck
We start early in the morning
its cold and windy – dark and  beautiful…

then the sun comes up and hits the painted  mountain ridges
and the horses come flying through the snow drifts
and everything is glowing

and you don’t feel anything but joy !!

Winter at the Ranch

Ever since I was a little girl I have wondered about the life of the American Cowboy. I usually focus on vanishing rituals and lifestyles in  Asia but once again I decided to  look closer to home. I am going back  to  the Hideout Ranch in Wyoming ( my last visit was in the fall of 2010) and capture  images of ranch life in wintertime. I can’t wait to see  the horses thundering through snowy meadows, against  pine-covered slopes and jagged mountains.

Cowboys in Winter

Wyoming Roaming

Ever since I was a little girl I have wondered about the life of the American Cowboy. I have seen every movie and read many books about horses and the western lifestyle but had never experienced it. So I decided it was time to check it out. I always focus on vanishing rituals and lifestyles in my work throughout Asia so why not investigate closer to home. I traveled to the Hideout Ranch in Shell, Wyoming and spent some time making images there with the wonderful staff of wranglers and  other photographers too – led by  Darryl Guilin and Jeff Vanuga who were great to work with.

It was spectacular in every sense…The ranch magnificent-the landscape varied from rocky moonscapes to aspen groves beginning to turn into their golden fall colors. They practice natural horsemanship and all the training is focused on creating a team between the horse and rider. The cowboys and cowgirls all had unique stories of how they arrived in Wyoming. I will tell the stories in the next posts. The spirit of the west still lives!


Cowboys of Wyoming


Cowboys and Horses in Wyoming










Luke the Duke

Luke The Duke