Traveling in the Omo Valley

“Some people say: “What does it matter if these cultures fade away.” The answer is simple. When asked the meaning of being human, all the diverse cultures of the world respond with 10,000 different voices. Distinct cultures represent unique visions of life itself, morally inspired and inherently right. And those different voices become part of the overall repertoire of humanity for coping with challenges confronting us in the future. As we drift toward a blandly amorphous, generic world, as cultures disappear and life becomes more uniform, we as a people and a species, and Earth itself, will be deeply impoverished.”
Wade Davis

In the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

In the Omo Valley, Ethiopia







One thought on “Traveling in the Omo Valley

  1. The Omo Valley is one of the most pristine parts of the world. The area which is home to many indigenous cultures is designated as a world heritage by UNESCO. Making wars in the name of peace and wreaking havoc to the environment and indigenous cultures in the name of development have become common place. Indeed, life becomes boring when we look alike, and think alike. Imagine what would happen to a butterfly had it been devoid of its mosaic colors. Is there a demarcation line between promoting development and preserving the traditional life style and indigenous cultures? It is sad to see that this too will belong to the disappearing world. But who is to blame for this? The government policy makers, donors, or the indifference of the international community at large?

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