Traveling in the Omo Valley

“Some people say: “What does it matter if these cultures fade away.” The answer is simple. When asked the meaning of being human, all the diverse cultures of the world respond with 10,000 different voices. Distinct cultures represent unique visions of life itself, morally inspired and inherently right. And those different voices become part of the overall repertoire of humanity for coping with challenges confronting us in the future. As we drift toward a blandly amorphous, generic world, as cultures disappear and life becomes more uniform, we as a people and a species, and Earth itself, will be deeply impoverished.”
Wade Davis

In the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

In the Omo Valley, Ethiopia







The Watermill Summer Benefit-The Inferno

The Watermill Center Benefit each year is one of the most creative and entertaining  fiestas of the summer. This year the theme was  “The Inferno”.

Robert Wilson has created this haven of the arts in the middle of the Hamptons and has cultivated its grounds like something from a fairy tale. The mix of people, art,fashion  and performance is a delight for the eye and for the camera-and the event was a tremendous success in raising money for the artist residence  programs as well .

Watermill Center Benefit 1


water_rwilson-fire breath



Robert Wilsom

watermill_robert wilson

Lu Ann de Lesseps-watermill with Susan Burnside