Humanity Photo Awards 2013

I was  intrigued  to find a photography competition dedicated to  the recording of  vanishing tribal cultures and thrilled to win with two bodies of work. For the Nomination award my work Tibetans in Kham was chosen and the Naga and Nishi work won a Performance award.

The Humanity Photo Awards is a biennial photography contest supported by UNESCO and the China Folklore Photographic Association and sponsored by the World Folklore Photography Association.  The CFPA is the only photographic association in the world who enjoys full operational relations with UNESCO.It’s goals are to explore and rescue the endangered folk cultures of world nationalities and to enhance mutual understanding to promote the world peace.

Humanity Photo Awards (HPA) is an international competition, aiming to call upon photographers all over the world to widely and deeply record and preserve the heritage of the folk culture. HPA finds a way for photography to ally with folklore, anthropology and sociology and its photo series provide the most systemic specimens and trustworthy evidence for cultural heritage, which is far beyond artistic value.

 The premiere exhibition “Memories of Mankind” will be held in December in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Yushu Festival - Kham

Yushu Festival – Kham

Sekrenyi Festival-Nagaland

Sekrenyi Festival-Nagaland