Impressions in Wax: The Creative Process

The photograph is the beginning of the process. My technique involves creating imagery using the invisible infrared light spectrum. I shot infrared film for many years. Now, I use a digital camera converted to infrared and the digital darkroom to create the split-toned imagery. Working with infrared light adds an element of mystery when creating the work, which, I feel, suits the subject matter and the timeless quality of the images. The post processing is part of my medium-I work with Photoshop and now I am pouring encaustic wax on the surface of the prints. This creates work that looks similar to a photograph, but at the same time depends heavily upon the intervention of my hand. I was just in a studio in Philadelphia working with the wax and painting the images with oil sticks. The digital images have always seemed a bit too clean for me and I have been looking for a way to put back in elements that may surprise me.

6 thoughts on “Impressions in Wax: The Creative Process

  1. “I have been looking for a way to put back in elements that may surprise me. ”

    Yes yes yes. Yes! Love that. I have an illustrator friend who sometimes likes to use paper that doesn’t absorb ink evenly.

    It all makes me think of electric guitar feedback…you can influence and control it, but only to a point.

    I end with a name drop:

    “I deny the accident” -Jackson Pollack

    (I like the motorcycle in the background…wild woman!)

    • I like that jackson pollack quote

      the studio and artist I have been working with in Philadelphia is wonderful-her husband builds motorcycles and uses the other half of the studio…

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