Terri Gold presents “Still Points in a Turning World” at Professional Women Photographers’ Monthly Meeting

I’m honored to give a talk at Professional Women Photographers (PWP) monthly meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 8th.  I will be showing and discussing work from my travels in Asia and Africa throughout the years…

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See here for detailed directions to the Rose Building.

Terri Gold featured on DailyMail.com


I’m honored to have my work featured on DailyMail.com along with a wonderful article about my life’s work and travels.

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See the post here, and please visit my exhibition of Still Points in a Turning World at the Salomon Arts Gallery in Tribeca, NY from April 19 to May 11!

Salomon Arts Gallery, 83 Leonard St, 4th Floor.

Terri Gold: Still Points in a Turning World featured on Photography Blog aCurator

I’m honored to have some of my work from “Still Points in a Turning World” featured on aCurator.   The gallery exhibition of “Still Points in a Turning World” will be opening next Wednesday, April 19th at the Salomon Arts Gallery.

You can read the post here, and please stop by to see the show at Salomon Arts Gallery during its run from April 19 to May 11, 2017! Salomon Arts Gallery is located at 83 Leonard St, 4th floor.

Still Points in a Turning World – Exhibition at Salomon Arts Gallery

I am very excited to announce my solo exhibition “Still Points in a Turning World,” featuring visual tales from my travels to the last mysterious corners of the world.  The show will be at the Salomon Arts Gallery in Tribeca, NY.

83 Leonard St, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10013

Please join me for the opening reception on April 19th from 5:30 – 8:30pm.

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Press Release for Salomon Arts Gallery Show

So happy preparing for my solo show “Still Points in a Turning World”, opening Wednesday, April 19th from 5:30-8:30pm.  Visual tales from my travels to the last mysterious corners of the world.



Terri Gold: Still Points in a Turning World

April 19 – May 11, 2017

TGold_Gerewol Festival Dancers.jpgGerewol Festival Dancers, 2015

 “Terri Gold is a seeker, a world traveler to many of the more remote places of the globe who is entranced by peoples so unlike her and her community that one has to wonder at her enchantment. Her luminous photographs, made more otherworldly by the use of special toning and waxing techniques and infrared radiation rather then conventional light rays, show us more than we can imagine and takes us out of our routine lives into realms of the miraculous and the unknowable.”

-Harvey Stein, Photographer

Salomon Arts Gallery will feature work by award-winning international photographer Terri Gold, who is known for her poetic infrared imagery of the remote corners of the globe and the indigenous cultures that inhabit them.

Her ongoing project that examines cross-cultural truths, “Still Points in a Turning World”, made up of photographs taken over the course of a decades-long career, is a catalyst for discussion about the globalizing forces that threaten indigenous cultures. According to Ms. Gold, “traditional knowledge of indigenous societies has the power to contribute to the planet’s modern vision of technology, science and medicine and sustainable living. Though we may not see our own customs and traditions in these images, it is my hope that we recognize our common humanity. In the end, our only heritage is our planet.   As beautiful as it is diverse…”


Salomon Arts Gallery

83 Leonard St 4th Floor, New York NY 10013



Terri Gold – Artist Reception: March 3rd, 5pm – 8pm – Keyes Art

“Still Points in a Turning World”

Images of Tribal India and Kham painted with encaustic wax and oils.

Hope you can join us !

Artist Reception: March 3rd, 5pm – 8pm

Show Open Until  March 6th
Gallery Open Friday- Sunday 11am to 6pm and by appt.
Contact: Terri Gold  ttgold@aol.com

551 West 21st / 4th Flr/NYC

For more info:  ttgold@aol.com | http://www.terrigoldworldimagery.com

Terri Gold : Tribal India and Kham ARTIST RECEPTION : MARCH 3rd : 5 TO 8 PM





Keyes Art, 551 West 21st (4th floor), New York



Terri Gold joined my Tribes of South Rajasthan & Kutch Photo~Expedition™ last year, and will be showcasing a series of her photographs from tribal India and Kham that are painted with encaustic wax and oils. This is an intricate and creative process, which Terri describes here on her blog.

Terri is an award-winning photographer and artist based in New York City, and built an impressive reputation for her rituals, rites of passage, festivals, celebrations and portraits from all over the world.

The exhibition is open until  March 8th.

It’s well worth attending this exhibition to appreciate Terri’s artistry, and her ability to capture the very essence of tribal India and Kham on such a creative medium…so mark your calendars!!!

And here’s an insight into the installation process.

Impressions in Wax: The Creative Process

The photograph is the beginning of the process. My technique involves creating imagery using the invisible infrared light spectrum. I shot infrared film for many years. Now, I use a digital camera converted to infrared and the digital darkroom to create the split-toned imagery. Working with infrared light adds an element of mystery when creating the work, which, I feel, suits the subject matter and the timeless quality of the images. The post processing is part of my medium-I work with Photoshop and now I am pouring encaustic wax on the surface of the prints. This creates work that looks similar to a photograph, but at the same time depends heavily upon the intervention of my hand. I was just in a studio in Philadelphia working with the wax and painting the images with oil sticks. The digital images have always seemed a bit too clean for me and I have been looking for a way to put back in elements that may surprise me.