Terri Gold : Tribal India and Kham ARTIST RECEPTION : MARCH 3rd : 5 TO 8 PM





Keyes Art, 551 West 21st (4th floor), New York



Terri Gold joined my Tribes of South Rajasthan & Kutch Photo~Expedition™ last year, and will be showcasing a series of her photographs from tribal India and Kham that are painted with encaustic wax and oils. This is an intricate and creative process, which Terri describes here on her blog.

Terri is an award-winning photographer and artist based in New York City, and built an impressive reputation for her rituals, rites of passage, festivals, celebrations and portraits from all over the world.

The exhibition is open until  March 8th.

It’s well worth attending this exhibition to appreciate Terri’s artistry, and her ability to capture the very essence of tribal India and Kham on such a creative medium…so mark your calendars!!!

And here’s an insight into the installation process.

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