Practice meandering towards the center of every place

Sisters Meal Festival-Guizhou, China 1997

These last days before I leave  are always the hardest-a mix between organizing my art, business and life at home, trying to make my bags lighter and focusing on my goals for the trip – how to go deeper – to see with feeling. I have been rereading”The Art of Pilgrimage”, a book I always look at before I leave .

I came across these thoughts and  I am printing them  to read each morning

A good way to begin the day…

The Five Excellent Practices Of Pilgrimages

Practice the arts of attention and listening.

Practice renewing yourself everyday.

Practice meandering towards the center of every place.

Practice the ritual of reading sacred texts.

Practice gratitude and praise-singing.

Sylvia Tosun – Night of a Thousand Gowns

Sylvia Tosun

It was  the 25th annual Night of a Thousand Gowns where The Imperial Court of New York  celebrated 25 years of fun and fundraising led by the  current monarchs, Emperor XIX Jack and Empress XXIV Farrah Moans.

The Court has gained recognition in the New York City region for the  work it has done on behalf of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Besides the big hair, bigger jewels, the regal attire, the glitz and glamour is how they  have fun, and while they are at it, they  give time and energy to raising money for their  beneficiaries.

I was invited by Sylvia Tosun, of  Sea to Sun Recordings who was performing, and she was amazing. She looked beautiful and her voice enchanted everyone in the room. It was a pleasure to take some photographs for her…

I thought – tonight I am in Times Square , photographing at an  amazing tribal festival and soon I will be on the other side of the world  in rural China at another colorful tribal festival.

In my travels , I am always looking at what is different and what is the same…

Colorful celebrations happen all over the world !

Sylvia Tosun

Sylvia Tosun

The Imperial Court

Sylvia Tosun

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Saturday was the fabulous Coney Island Mermaid Parade. This year the parade also had a message.  As one sign put it: “Fuck You BP, Save the Mermaids.”  “Performance artist  (Tigger) Ferguson told the Daily News, “Today is a celebration of sea life trying to survive in the gulf. The Mermaid Parade is a celebration of marine life, mythical and real.”

Still, the parade was as colorful and festive as ever. Lou Reed and wife Laurie Anderson served as the parade’s King and Queen, and everyone including the large group of  inventive photographers had a great time. Along with the amazing mermaids and mermen and their creative costumes , the array of photographic gear is always inspirational. Every unique flash contraption, medium and large format film cameras and  polaroid cameras and more are  on display.

Coney Island is filled with new rides and the Circus and music on the boardwalk every night. I am definitely going back for a sunset visit to photograph more of the scene.

Spotlight on Travel Photgrapher Blog

Rabiri Shepherd In Nomads Camp-Gujarat

Tewfic El-Sawy’s The Travel Photographer Blog is my one my favorite online destinations.  I have been following his travel

tales and multimedia slide shows and now after traveling with him in India, we have become good friends.

There is so much new technology available to photographers  today ; keeping up with it is a challenge.

It ‘s so important to find the balance between the lure of  additional gear and then learning how to use it and finding

the time for keeping up our sites and blogs while still  stretching our vision and craft and actually getting to take pictures too.

In a field where we often work alone, it is wonderful to have other photographers to talk to…

Click here to article

Still Points in a Turning World: In Rajasthan and Gujarat

CLICK HERE to Slideshow link

I am back from India a few weeks now and after a side trip to California to celebrate with old friends, I am now in the process of creating a new body of work from the images. India is amazingly colorful with rich traditions and rituals. Taking the picture is always just the beginning of the process for me. I am now working in the digital darkroom, the same way I used to work in the traditional darkroom, to tone and create my Infrared images and shape the stories I want to tell.

Happy Merry Everything

Wishing everyone all joys of the season and all warm wishes for a wonderful New Year!

I am off to California for the holidays but all my  friends and family where ever they are  are in my thoughts . This image is from a performance of  the Buglisi Dance Theatre , who I love to collaborate with.

Let us all celebrate wonder in 2010 !!

The Wedding of Justine and Nicolo at The Church of S. Nicolo

We all knew the best was yet to come. We had flown from all over the world to share this joyous occasion and we knew it was going to be all we dreamed and more…and it was. Justine was radiant as she stepped out of the car and made her way to the church and  her Uncle Bradley looked resplendent in his uniform. Nicolo looked  handsome and happy as he waited in the church with its golden  frescos on the walls. Everyone was smiling and then the music  and the Mass began…

Justine Arriving at the Church of S. Nicolo

Justine Arriving at the Church of S. Nicolo

Justine and Bradley

Justine and Bradley

 Bradley escorting Justine down the aisle

Bradley escorts Justine

The Wedding Mass

The Wedding Mass

Justine and Nicolo

Justine and Nicolo

All smiles- all Joy-off to the party

All smiles- all Joy-off to the party